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Expect an experience, not just another class

The Silber Consulting visual branding workshops are distinctive, immersive, and utterly inspirational. You can host my workshops for your organization, contacts, and clients.
I have a range of predesigned classes, but I am always happy to refine the content based on your specific needs and desired outcomes.

visual branding workshops


The workshops I offer


1. Visual psychology in branding

Day 1 learning material. We will go deep into the psychology of visuals in branding – what types of colors, typefaces, images, and patterns give what kind of impression? You will learn to identify the rules that help to attract the right audience and look professional. We will create mood boards and color palettes! And we talk about the value of visual branding and how it influences our revenue.


2. Create your brand board

It is a practical day built on the knowledge of the basics of visual branding, and here we will turn it into brand boards that participants can use right after the class. Perfect workshop on its own, but also as a day two material.


3. Designing your website

Transfer your brand colors, fonts, and photo style to your website, portfolio, or online shop. We will learn the basics of visual branding, but I recommend this workshop as a day 2 or 3 learning content.



Included in every workshop


Expect a workshop packed with color, creativity, and practical exercises that’ll make the time spent memorable and productive.

Inspirational handouts. No photocopied printouts of slides or boring sheets of A4 text! Every participant will receive beautifully designed, inspirational handouts and tools for the workshop.

A simple pre-course exercise that prepares your team for a day of fun, creativity, and learning and gets them excited about the day of learning!

visual branding course description



What you gain from my workshops


My visual branding workshop is a creative, inspirational, and incredibly useful introduction to Visual Psychology. Visual psychology is something that every creative team should have in their tool kit. It’s game-changing.

Thinking of revamping your website, creating a more distinctive social media presence, or having a new logo designed? What you learn will give you a deeper understanding of your brand so that you can identify the fonts, colors, illustrative styles, and patterns that will work for your business.

Struggling to find your distinctive style? Whether you’re an artist or florist, a garden, an interior, or graphic designer, you’ll find everything falls into place after you’ve taken this class. It’ll be easier to streamline your portfolio, work out what makes you unique, and communicate irresistibly to your ideal clients.

Perhaps you’re a designer working hard to find your place in an overcrowded market. This class will enable you to capture the essence of your client’s business or brief and create work that resonates.



Visual psychology helps you:


  • Untangle a brief, gain clarity, find cohesive focus and get your next project quickly and efficiently.
  • Translate a set of brand values into tangible design elements efficiently and productively.
  • Evaluate creative work more objectively, efficiently, and harmoniously.
  • Create an emotional connection with your customers or readers and
    grow your business.
  • Use color to communicate more powerfully.
  • Gain a deeper insight into your brand and communicate with clarity and confidence.


how to make a mood board



Your investment


My workshops are charged at 9.750 DKK + MOMS or 1300 USD + VAT per person, or a flat rate we agree on.

There is room for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants. This rate will cover my time preparing the workshop, the delivery, and also my workshop expenses.
You will need to cover the cost of the venue. Travel expenses would be additional and agreed upon with you in advance.
My standard terms are 50% upon booking the workshops to hold your dates and the reminder within 14 days of

Workshop visual psychology in branding



A brief background


I am a long-time educator, mentor, and motivator.

I’ve spent over ten years working with businesses: teaching digital marketing, creating and managing corporate eCommerce websites, and running workshops for business development centers in Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Estonia, and Georgia.

I have a knack for capturing the essence of a business, finding clarity in a contradictory brief, and translating commercial goals into visual assets.

Here you can download the description as a PDF.


I’m looking forward to working with you!

Victoria Silber



I am looking forward to
working with you!