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Branding Consultations

My visual branding consultations help you analyze your business, website, or project, and find out what needs to be changed and how. 

I will make sure you will gain clarity, and feel much more confident about your needs and goals than before. I will provide you with practical knowledge that helps you to give your project a professional feel and look. This way, you will speed up your work in everyday marketing activities, and attract happily paying customers that are perfect for your business.

My visual branding consultations are based on the easily learnable, amazing color psychology theory by well-known color psychologist Angela Wright. She has applied her color psychology system to every aspect of business – corporate communication, retail and workplace design, as well as web design and product design.  

Sign up for a consultation today and see how easy it is to create a cohesive brand identity for your business!

Your investment for a 60-minute, practical and inspirational call is €249,- 

I help you with finding your voice through the right branding visuals, helping you to attract more well-paying customers.

Do you need help creating a brand identity for your business?


Book a 60 min call, and we will identify your needs. 

  • Does your website look a bit…weird but you don’t know why? 
  • Can’t identify which colors would work best with your business? 
  • The whole visual branding thing is just one big mess in your head and you need clarity before taking the next step?
  • You are thinking to book me for a full-day workshop but not entirely sure if I am the right fit?

By the end of our conversation, you will feel inspired and motivated to implement at least a few changes that might be game-changers for your business.

visual branding consultations copenhagen - visuel branding konsultationer