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Color psychology

Colors For Creatives & Creative Businesses

Colors For Creatives is aimed at small business owners, marketers, and design students, this website is both a practical guide and a source for inspiration. It introduces a reflection on the nature of color combinations, the moods and atmospheres they evoke, and how we associate particular places and emotions with unique color palettes. 

It shares with you the secrets behind using color to create a dynamic connection, using patterns and illustrations to add personality and carefully selecting typefaces that add a notable edge to your designs. 

We’ll explore how to pull all of these elements together to create a striking and cohesive design people will love. 

Each business has the task of making itself memorable and engaging. Brands can highlight the quality of their products or services by using striking visuals. Customers tend to form an impression of the business already at the first contact with them. In the case of a poor visual presentation, many businesses lose a lot of potential customers.

Suppose the website, packaging, and other visual expressions of the company leave a confusing impression. In that case, the products’ goals and quality will not match the client’s subconscious expectations.

A well-designed graphic presentation, however, works inviting and supports the emergence of a loyal customer base.